How To Play

Back Story (There's always a back story)

A long time ago there was an evil warlord. He was really mean and nasty, and he hated the towns-people of Clich├ędia. He was at war with their chief, and desired to kill the chief's daughter, the beautiful princess Predictable. So he set out to plant mines all over her favorite playing fields...

Oh, nevermind. This is a simple, stupid, and frankly, derivative, game. You don't need a backstory.

Goal (What's the point???)

Your goal is to clear the field of mines. You are armed only with a pocket full of flags and your trusty mine detector. Your mine detector tells you how many mines are in immediately adjacent space.

Unfortunately, it only works when its placed below ground.

You'll have to dig a hole first!

Hint: the first column of the field is always mine free!

Controls (Press these buttons to play)

Use the following keyboard controls in your quest to rid the field of dangerous explosives.

Enter Confirm dialogs, start the game.
Move the cursor one space to the right.
Move the cursor one space to the left.
Move the cursor one space to up.
Move the cursor one space down.
Shift Dig the space under the cursor.
Z Plant a flag at the cursor.